Alibi dome camera installed in apartment building office

How many cameras will I need?

Generally, you will want to have all entries (doors and windows) visible to at least one camera. 

Small houses could get away with four cameras, but if you are on a tight budget, we can install an entry cam starting at $450, including all equipment and labor. Doorbell cams are an easy and inexpensive way to begin experiencing the peace of mind provided by remote surveillance. 

Larger homes will need at least four to sixteen cameras, starting at about $1200. We can customize to suit your unique needs.

Prices include the remote viewing capabilities with NO MONTHLY FEES. We configure it all for you.

Do you install for commercial properties?

Absolutely. We can provide professional, commercial quality equipment that is capable of monitoring remote locations, including RV parks, storage facilities, oilfield locations, stores, warehouses, barns and stables, and entry gates.

All of these locations can be remotely viewed on your phone from one app. Again, this is included in the cost of installation, and has NO MONTHLY FEES.

So do you sell WiFi? I need more WiFi!

No. We are not an internet service provider. We understand how WiFi works, and we are able to find and install equipment that helps you get better access to your WiFi. 

If you have places on your residential or commercial property that have a weak or NO WiFi signal, we can help with that. You must already have your own internet service.


We add WiFi access points that will extend the signal into more remote areas, including outbuildings, even if they're too far to run cables. We use wireless link systems. So instead of adding a second DSL or cable modem to your shop for an additional monthly fee, call us.

You buy the equipment once and that's it!

What exactly can you do with "networking"?

Networking includes a lot of services, such as installing and troubleshooting Point of Sale systems, adding computers, printers, and routers and other wireless or wired devices.

We can provide technical support for many of your tech needs.

We can also provide Network Administration services, including being the "go-between" for issues with internet, phone, and cable tv or satellite. 

I have weak cell phone service. Is there anything that can be done?

Definitely. We can install a cell phone/4G repeater that will boost the signal inside buildings with weak signal.