Prices are Estimates. Please contact us for updated, accurate prices.

Pricing and Estimates

We are happy to schedule a site survey to provide you with a free estimate.

In order to provide an accurate estimate, we need to visit your home or business to assess building construction and property layout.

We will discuss your needs and customize a system that provides adequate coverage at the lowest cost.  

After we look over your site and discuss your needs....

we will provide you a written estimate for products and/or services.

The estimate can be modified based on your input prior to signing. Once you agree to a price and a system, we will require a down payment for equipment purchase. Then we begin work. 

Our products come from various suppliers whose prices vary, and we will seek out the best quality at the right price for you.


Our labor is based on our professional guess at how many hours a job will take and our hourly rate. Any hours we estimate that we do not use, we will not charge for.

We warranty our workmanship, and our suppliers warranty their products.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our installation, and provide unmatched service after the sale. 

Call now to schedule your site survey or get more information.