WiFi and Networking Services

Enhance your existing WiFi signal

Weak WiFi signal in certain places on your property? We can fix that! Instead of adding additional lines to your already-expensive cable or cell phone bill, let us install equipment that can extend your existing network.

We can also connect multiple buildings and locations wirelessly. A wireless bridge can send that signal a little further without adding to your monthly bill.

Networking Services

We can install additional lines or troubleshoot existing lines for phones, computers, printers, and other accessories. We can streamline your existing network and clean up that cabling, as well as update old, weathered, or damaged lines.

Com/Tech Room cleanup and simplification

Is the communication/tech room, closet, or cabinet at your business a big mess? We can trace wires, remove unusable lines, replace damaged lines, and streamline and update your tech space.

Other low voltage needs?

No or low cell phone signal? We can install a cell phone repeater to increase your existing signal strength. 

We can also help with certain other cable or satellite TV and land line issues. We are often quicker and cheaper than the big name service providers. Just call us!